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HP Procurve 2650 VLAN Setup and Routing


HP Procurve 2650 VLAN Setup and Routing

I'm a novice when it comes to Procurve switches and VLAN setup.

TP-Link router at providing DHCP on 100 - 199 range
Procurve 2650 at
Several workstations, laptops, IP security cameras, POS, WiFi APs, network printers, and mobile devices all connected to the one Procurve switch.


VLAN Name   VLAN   Subnet              Switch IP Address   Ports
DEFAULT        1 
PUB                 101               1 - 6
MGMT             102              7 - 13
VOICE              103              14 - 19
POS                  104              20 - 25
FP                    106              32 - 37
RCF                  107               26 - 31, 38 - 43
NT                    108              44 - 48

Goal: All computers on every VLAN should be able to ping VLAN 101, but not others. All devices should have Internet access.

Not sure how to configure the switch to allow the TP-Link firewall to hand out DHCP addresses within the appropriate VLANs. I know the 2650 is a layer 3 switch, but not sure what to do with it. Some clear step-by-step instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Note, I've been using Putty and telnet to connect to the switch. I'm familiar with the CLI and many of the commands, just don't know how to implement it.