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HP Procurve 2910al-24g blocking FreeNAS Plugin

New Member

HP Procurve 2910al-24g blocking FreeNAS Plugin

I was given an HP Procurve 2910al-24g (J9145A) by a friend and it works great. But I've run into an issue when it comes to getting a Nextcloud (a FreeNAS plugin) to upload photos and videos from mobile devices (Android and Iphone). With the default settings nothing from my mobile devices gets through.

If I go into port security and change "Learn Mode:" from "Continuous" to "Configured" this will fix the problem, though I have to manually type every mac address I want to have access to that port. That solution would be fine but the issue is if you change the port security setting to anything other than "Continuous" then I can't set up link aggregation.

So is there a way to allow this plugin (that has its on spicific IP and mac address) regular access through the switch so I can set up link aggregation? I cant really tell why or where its being blocked.

any advice?