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HP Procurve 6600 IPERF


HP Procurve 6600 IPERF

Hi people,

I've written about my problem, but I didn't get solution.

As I marked in one of my earlier posts, I have HP ProCurve openflow switch, which is separated into 4 instances. Switch is connected on onos controller, but controller makes flow entries only in software flow table. I changed software-rate limit to 10000pps, but performanse is too bad.

Here is result of iperf test in attach, where 2 PCs are connected on two different instances on HP Procurve 6600.

Could you, please, give me any solution, because I have deadline on December 15.

P.S I can't attach .pcapng file of iperf experiment, so I can send it on email if anyone want.

All the best,