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HP Procurve Multiple Radius Servers

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HP Procurve Multiple Radius Servers

I have a question that I'm hoping someone here can help me out with. I have two radius severs, one at each of our sites. I know how to configure both radius server hosts on our HP switches, but what I don't know is how to set a priority for one radius server over the other. No matter what order I run the "Radius-Server Host x.x.x.x" & "Radius-Server Host y.y.y.y" commands, the x.x.x.x will always be the radius server the switch uses first. I'd rather have the devices from site 1 send their requests to the radius server located at site 1 first before failing over to site 2.  Right now all site 1 devices are sending to the server in site 2 first and all site 2 devices are sending to the radius server in site 2 as well. Make sense?



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Re: HP Procurve Multiple Radius Servers

The switch tries to access RADIUS servers according to the order in which their IP addresses are listed by the show radius command.  For example if you initially configure two server addresses, they are listed in the order in which you entered them, and the switch will use number 1 on the list as long as it is alive.

So to move a Radius server up in the list, you must delete it from the list, ensure that the position to which you want to move it is vacant, and then reenter it. For example if you want to have Radius server y.y.y.y above x.x.x.x:

no radius host y.y.y.y
no radius host x.x.x.x
radius host y.y.y.y
radius host x.x.x.x

If done on all devices at site 2 then they will always use y.y.y.y as their Radius server.

More details can be found in the "Access Security Guide" of your switch models.


Re: HP Procurve Multiple Radius Servers

having the same problem with radius server priority. would have been too easy for them to add a priority setting like they did with sntp!