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HP Procurve Multiple VLAN on one port

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HP Procurve Multiple VLAN on one port


I have 2 VM in Microsoft 2012 Hyper-V server using 2 different VLAN. VM1 is using VLAN 20 and VM2 is using VLAN9; And I'm using virtual switch to enable 2VMs to use a single LAN port. My question is How can I configure in HP procurve to allow a single port to use multiple VLAN.

Additional scenario: VM20 is using gateway and VM9 is using gateway which I configured in Watchguard.

The issue is if I untagged port as VLAN20 I can ping the gateway but I cannot ping the other gateway. In the same way if I reverse to VLAN9.

Kindly help.... 


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Re: HP Procurve Multiple VLAN on one port

You probably need to clarify where your ping test was from, as well as what your physical topology is meant to look like.

Assuming you have two VLANs on your network, and both VLANs are required to be extended to your Hyper-V environment, then both VLANs need to be:
1/ Created on the switch
2/ added as "tagged" to the switchport where you are patching from to the Hyper-V server.

If that doesn't work, check your vSwitch configuration.

Don't use untagged VLANs between the switch and the Hyper-V server.