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HP Procurve Switch upgrade...

Occasional Contributor

HP Procurve Switch upgrade...

Has anyone had any experience of upgrading from a HP Procurve 2650 PWR to an HP E2620-PoE.

We currently have two domain controllers running on a virtualised EsXi box and a ShoreTel phone system. To make the phone system work properly across the network we two HP Procurve switches.

The two switches have been configured with two vlans:

data-cm tag=23

voice-cm tag=24

The switch I am replacing 'SW01'  acts as the default gateway for the voice vlan and can route to the data vlan.

The config from the old HP Procurve 2650 PWR copies across to the new swictch well and logging into the GUI everything appears to be as expected.

Once I swap the switches over however everything seems to route correctly. There appears to be an issue with the primary domain controller not being recognised. So, for example if I add a new PC to the domain the PC will appear on the secondary domain controller. If I use the echo %logonserver% command it returns the secondary domain controller. 

Replacing the switch back over so I am using the original switch fixes the issue.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue?

I have attached the config that the old switch the new switch uses.

Many thanks,