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HP Procurve VLAN Configurations

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HP Procurve VLAN Configurations

Hello everyone,

I'm new in HP technologies and I'm trying to understand the logic behind VLAN management in HP switches.

In the documentation, it's said that you can configure more than one ip address by VLAN but each IP must be in a different subnet... My knowledge is about Cisco products but if I'm not wrong the standard said that each VLAN is a broadcast domain, so thats means for HP that you can have multiples subnets into the same broadcast domain?

the other thing is that they configure for each VLAN an IP address, I though that you just do that for managements reasons and usually you have a management VLAN, so you juste need one IP address. Can someone helpme to understand this or at least guive me some links where I can find more info about it.


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: HP Procurve VLAN Configurations

Just ignore all the stuff about multiple subnets per VLAN.

It was the same on Cisco devices - people used to have secondary IP address on their VLAN interface.

It is very rare that you would ever have to do this.

Your network design should have -
 - A "core" - this is the Layer3 switch, every VLAN has an IP address on it, and that address is the "default gateway" used by hosts on that VLAN.
- 1 or more Access switches - these are Layer2 switches with no IP address on each VLAN, EXCEPT, they have an IP address on the management VLAN so you can manage those devices remotely. The "default gateway" on the switch points to the IP address of the "Core" switch's Management VLAN interface.

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Re: HP Procurve VLAN Configurations

Thanks a lot !!! That's help me a lot...