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HP SFP+ 10GBASE-T module? Direct attach 10G cables?

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HP SFP+ 10GBASE-T module? Direct attach 10G cables?

I'm looking around at the 5400R ZL2 transceiver options on HP's ProCurve website, and oddly I don't seem to be seeing anything for a copper 10GBASE-T module. Does anyone know why I'm not finding anything?!tab=oas

I see there is another 10G copper option, but I have never used the HP Direct Attach SFP cables. Are these compatible with other brands of products? Can I install an Intel SFP+ card in a server, and use HP's SFP+ to SFP+ direct attach cable, to connect the Intel network card to the switch?

There's an article where HP goes into details about the limitations of 10GBASE-T such as alien crosstalk. So how do HP's own SFP+ direct attach copper cables fit into that paradigm? Are they electrically better, or just merely equal to 10GBASE-T?

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Re: HP SFP+ 10GBASE-T module? Direct attach 10G cables?

First, HP has no 10Gbase-T SFP+ transceiver. If you want to connect using copper, you schould invest in a native 10GBase-T linecard (HP 8-port 10GBase-T v2 zl Module J9546A or HP 8p 1/2.5/5/XGT PoE+ v3 zl2 Module J9995A) or, as you indicated SFP+ Direct Attach Cables, but then you need to have SFP+ interfaces.

However, a DAC, just like an optical transceiver, carries a brand ID. HP doesn't support DACs with a non HP ID (verify the switch datasheet for compatible cables). For my experience, your interfaces dont come up on a 5400 platform with non (or unsupported) HP accessories. The same can apply to a server NIC, although they tend to be more fexible in the cable branding. You should also keep in mind that DAC only exitst in limited distance. In general 10GBase-T is more flexible to work with.

A DAC is nothing like a 10Gbase-T cable, 10Gbase T uses UTP cabling (Cat 6 and better) where you should look at a DAC as being transceivers with an electric in stead of optical cable in between them.