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Re: HP Switch 5406Rzl2 cli "show interface" does not show correct total bytes

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HP Switch 5406Rzl2 cli "show interface" does not show correct total bytes

Hi all,

I want to monitor total port data transfer on HP Switch 5406Rzl2 ports.

firmware KB.16.01.0004, ROM KB.16.01.0005.

cli "show interface" does not show correct total bytes

sw01# sh int

Status and Counters - Port Counters

Flow Bcast
Port Total Bytes Total Frames Errors Rx Drops Tx Ctrl Limit
------------ -------------- -------------- --------- --------- ---- -----
A1 4,024,406,947 882,312,124 0 0 off 0
A2 2,756,420,746 1,136,816,085 0 0 off 0
A3 1,031,502,431 2,424,245,038 0 0 off 0

there is only 10 digits in the total bytes output 

highest reading ever is about 4287383349 bytes it will never get much higher

I want to identify the ports that handle most traffic in my network per 24 hours

any help would be apreciated




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Re: HP Switch 5406Rzl2 cli "show interface" does not show correct total bytes

Hi @jeroen1 I'm afraid that if you want to see totalized amount of traffic In/Out an interface (with the assumption you start from a point-in-time when that interface statistics were zeroed OR with the assumption you're monitoring the port from a particular point-in-time - collecting also I/O from previous accumulated statistics - and that is enough for you to know) the only way is to registrer your switch to a NMS (try librenms) via SNMPv2/SNMPv3, with a NMS you have historical and real time data about not only total of I/O bytes passed through a particular interface but also many more statistics (also real-time) such as throughput in packets/second or bytes/seconds...and so on. 

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Re: HP Switch 5406Rzl2 cli "show interface" does not show correct total bytes


I agree with everything @parnassus wrote. I just want to mention an additional option on the switch itself that may be of some limited use. As far as I know the interface statistics are using 32 bit counters. This counter has limited size and wraps in very short time. You have the option to use 64 bit also called high capacity (HC) counters (described in rfc2233).

You can see hc counters if you add the key word hc to the show command. For example "show interface A1 hc".  Unfortunately hc keywork is not available for the overview of all interfaces (show interfaces) but you can perform walkmib from the CLI of the switch on the following OIDs.

HC counter for incomming and outgoing bypes per interface

Aruba-2930F-48G-PoEP-4SFPP# walkMIB ifHCInOctets

Aruba-2930F-48G-PoEP-4SFPP# walkMIB ifHCOutOctets

HC counter for incomming and outgoing unicast packets per interface

Aruba-2930F-48G-PoEP-4SFPP# walkMIB ifHCInUcastPkts

Aruba-2930F-48G-PoEP-4SFPP# walkMIB ifHCOutUcastPkts

If you are using modular switch you will also need ifDescr in order to map the SNMP port index to the real interface numbers containing the slot letter and number.

Aruba-2930F-48G-PoEP-4SFPP# walkMIB ifdescr

You can perform the command on more than 1 OID at the same time. Here I am doing it on ifDescr ifHCInOctets.

Aruba-2930F-48G-PoEP-4SFPP# walkMIB ifDescr ifHCInOctets
ifDescr.1 = 1
ifHCInOctets.1 = 34714818
ifDescr.2 = 2
ifHCInOctets.2 = 3381402

The following HC counters should also be supported.



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