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HP Switch 5406zl (J8697A) Serial connection

New Member

HP Switch 5406zl (J8697A) Serial connection

Hi there,

I've a situation with HP Switch 5406zl (J8697A) switch.

It turns out that is working fine but I lost its IP access due to a bad action, so I've no access through http/telnet.

"Easy, serial cable and Putty" you must think, but no.  I'm struggleling with this.

I've review official PDF documentation to find out console parameters, they are standard.

I've used those parameters in Putty but I've no answer from switch, the whole thing seems quite simple.

I'm using RS232 DB9 female <-> DB9 female, but there's no response from the switch using Putty application, is that the right cable?

I was thinking also to reset it to factory deffaults, but I will need to configure it afterward using serial cable, so right now is not a good idea.

I've tried using also rj45 - rs232 with same results.

Any idea? any help will be appreciated.