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HP j9729a hp 2920-48g-poe+ stacks and uplinks design

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HP j9729a hp 2920-48g-poe+ stacks and uplinks design

Good afternoon,

I'm building the design for a enterprise. The design consists of:

7 x IDF 

1 x MDF

On 5 IDF there will be install 4  x  j9729a swiches

On 2 IDF will be required 6 - j9729a swiches

In the MDF we will install - 2 x HP 5900AF-48XG-4QSFP switches

Each IDF has 2 fibers going to the MDF.

I am considering for IDF:

Stacks of 4 using J9733A stack module, with J9731A SPF+  on top and button switches as uplink to the MDF stack using LAGP

What do you think about the setup and lacp to HP 5900AF stack.


Do you know any alternative for j9729a that will support 6 stacks?

Thank you very much


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Re: HP j9729a hp 2920-48g-poe+ stacks and uplinks design

Since Aruba 2920 Switch Series can stack up to 4 units (using ring or chain stacking topologies) I think you will be forced to consider Comware based switches configured in a IRF Stack for your IDF with 6 stacked units or move to Aruba 5400R zl2 (modular) to (1) have more edge interfaces and (2) do stack up to two units through VSF (see restrictions and requirements).

I would use Ring stacking topology on IDFs with 4 Aruba 2920 stacked units.

Would be great to have 4 fibers between (Uplink to MDF made through a BAGG with LACP) each IDF and the MDF so you will be able to distribute each fiber on each ring stacked unit (added resiliency)...but probably 2 fibers should suffice in terms of resiliency and load balancing considering what you can have at IDF level.

The Aruba 3810M Switch Series can full mesh stacking with up to 5 units...or chain/ring stacking with up to 10 units...

I'm not an HPE Employee
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