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HP switch 2920 48G running-config backup creation

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HP switch 2920 48G running-config backup creation



We have about 20 switches (HP switch 2920 48G and some ARUBA versions) in the company working and configured. We manage the switches via SSH and non webbased due to security reasons of our own. But 2 times we had the situation that the whole swtich running config was suddenly lost due to power issue. So we had to re-configure everything again.
Now I want to prevent this by backup up the current state of all switches. As a bonus, I want them al to backup automaticly from time to time. lets say every 2 month. And I want it to be stored on a server \\servername\C$\switch backup\<filemname> or something.

I read a forum here, , but its still inclear to me what the commands ready do. Right now, I dont have a test switch so I cant just do a command and see what happends.

Can someone please help me to clear this up step bij step.
- what command line says: backup current config (all that is the current state)
- What command line says: I want to back it up on location \\servername\C$\switch backup\<filemname> and with what credentials (switch and server acess credentials I assume and that it stores the credentials to use it nex time again)
- what command line says: gives the file name of the backup

After switch crash:
what command line says: can upload the created backup file
what command line says: initiate the backup and restoring the switch to the backup config

Thank you in advance.