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HPE Aruba 2540 and 10G SFP+ tranciever

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HPE Aruba 2540 and 10G SFP+ tranciever


Anyone who have problem with HPE Aruba 2540 JL357A and 10G SFP+ tranciever J9150A? I tried to set up this switch solution to a HPE Aruba 3810M switch over multimode fiber (distance approx 50meters). I got link on both side but can't pass any traffic through link. If I do "show lldp info remote" on 3810M I can see all information about 2540 neighbour. BUT If I do "show lldp info remote" on 2540 I can't see any information at all about 3810M neighbour. I placed a case with HPE support and they tell me that the 2540 doesn't support J9150A despite the HPE website says it's right partnumber. no other partnumber exists!

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Re: HPE Aruba 2540 and 10G SFP+ tranciever

I first assumed (and so did HPE support) that the problem is with 2540 and J9150A, but it might as well be problem with 3810M and J9150A. The fact is with "show lldp info remote" in 2540 I cannot see 3810M neighbour information! Could it be so that the 3810M doesn't send its information due to J9150A problem! Ideas anyone?

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Re: HPE Aruba 2540 and 10G SFP+ tranciever

Providing a little bit more info/details (like outputs of show tech transceivers CLI Command executed on both ends and involved interface(s) configuration, Switches software versions, running config(s) and confirming your network topology) would be of help to form an idea of what the issue could the way...genuine HP/HPE J9150A Transceiver is supported on both Switch series as per their QuickSpecs.

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Re: HPE Aruba 2540 and 10G SFP+ tranciever

As Parnassus said, please use "show tech transceivers" to see more information. 


You should see something like this:

Transceiver Technical Information:
Port # | Type | Prod # | Serial # | Part #
B24 | ?? | ?? | unsupported |
D3 | SFP+SR | J9150A | RPA53***** | 1990-4065

Your transceivers should not say unsupported, like mine above. You can also pull the SFP, plug it back into the switch and the look into "show log -r" if there is any error.

Also the obvious: Change the patching cables on both switches and try different fibres between the sites.