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HPE Aruba 2920-48G Bugged or?? NO FUNCTIONALITY

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HPE Aruba 2920-48G Bugged or?? NO FUNCTIONALITY

Hi all,

Im running into some problems with my new Aruba 2920-48G PoE+ switch. I want to set up this switch as the core switch for my network (its replacing an old Dell one). Right now im running into lots of problems. The switch does not provide anuy DCHP / LACP / routes / Management VLAN functionality. WHen I try to put some settings in the web interface all I get is Error setting management vlan. - Properties were not configured. Almost every single command from one of the manuals is not recognized or cannot be set. Also, from the web interface the primary image has no LACP settings at all, while the secondary image has got some.

So, what is wrong with my switch? Anyone encoutered these issues?


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Re: HPE Aruba 2920-48G Bugged or?? NO FUNCTIONALITY

Can you gently provide us (simple Community users) more information about your Aruba 2920? about your networking scenario and networking topology?

What are you trying to achieve?

What's about to share its (sanitized) configuration, software version details and all relevant screenshots (if you're trying to setup it via its web interface instead of using ArubaOS-Switch operating system CLI)?

You wrote "Almost every single command from one of the manuals is not recognized or cannot be set"...what exact Manual(s) are you referring to?

AFAIK there are plenty of How-To guides (HPE Knowledge Articles) and Manuals. As said, HPE Support offers various HPE Knowledge Articles about it: as example there is one "Aruba 2920 Switch Series - How to Configure the DHCP Server Feature", another one is "Aruba 2920 Switch Series - LACP Configuration"...and so on...more clear than that it's impossible.

Te point is: are you looking for documents/guides using the right searching method (HPE Support portal, this HPE Community forum) or what?

Generally Aruba Switch Manuals (there are various, as example a good one could be "ArubaOS-Switch Basic Operation Guide for 16.04" just to start with your Switch, indeed it has a good "Getting Started" chapter) explain every feature in very detail, example: "ArubaOS-Switch Management and Configuration Guide for WB.16.04" (valid for the whole Aruba 2920 Switch Series, if software version is latest WB.16.04.xxxx), this manual (656 pages) covers all you want.

Start on HPE Support portal, really.

Start describing what you see, not what you think the product you have is not able to run.

Maybe you're not ready to start managing such features' rich Switch...and ranting is silly.

Regarding the Error Message you got: are you correctly configuring the Management VLAN IP Address?

Then regarding LACP...first you should understand you need to create a Trunk Group logical interface (with physical ports as its members, see Web GUI Menù "Trunks") to then configure it with LACP...asking for LACP without speaking about Trunk(s) make me think that you need to be a little bit more clear about what you're trying to achieve.