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HPE Aruba 3810 and 2930 SFP+ trunking...

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HPE Aruba 3810 and 2930 SFP+ trunking...

We have the following switches:

1x Aruba 3810M-16P (JL075A)
1x Aruba 3810M-48P (JL072A)

4x Aruba 2930F (JL254A)

The JL075A and JL072A have a separate SFP + module (JL083A) 4x10 Gpbs
I would like to connect the switches via SFP + together.

The JL075A to JL072A via the SFP + module
The JL254A on the JL075A via the SFP + port

I want to use at least two ports per switch to realize the uplink.
All servers are connected to the Fiber Switch JL075A via AOC cables
The JL072A works as a core switch

We have 6 vlans. It is intended that these can co-exist with each other except the guests subnet VLAN30

My question is:
Should i use port trunking or LACP?

For example:
trunk 45-46 LACP?
trunk 45-46 trunk?

Or better advice so that I can make maximum use of the bandwidth.



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Re: HPE Aruba 3810 and 2930 SFP+ trunking...

Yes, you should. LACP Trunks help your uplinks to gain in resiliency and traffic (re)distribution.

The correct syntax is trunk 45-46 trk1 lacp, that way interface 45 and 46 will be physical member interfaces of LAG (Link Aggregation Group) named trk1 using LACP.


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Re: HPE Aruba 3810 and 2930 SFP+ trunking...