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Help needed with Aruba 2920-48G-PoE+ configuration

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Help needed with Aruba 2920-48G-PoE+ configuration

I was wondering if somebody can help me with my question:

We are planning for hardware refresh in our server room and would like to use few model of Aruba switches.
So, what we have:
- We have 48 ports patch panels. Next to each patch panel the HP ProCurve 2650-PWR switch (50 ports),
- 48 ports are used to connect the client systems (patch panels), 2 ports (49,50) are used for redundant connection to Core (ProCurve 3400 CL) switches.

What we need:
- Planning to replace HP ProCurve 2650-PWR switches with Aruba 2920-48G-PoE+ (J9836A), and use 2920 stacking ring topology (because we have 10 members switches, it will be 3 stacks: 4 switches + 4 switches + 2 switches)
- All 48 ports are still needs to be connected to patch panel, as well as redundant connections to Core (Aruba 5406R) switches (additional 2 ports may be needed, based on existing setup).

By looking in specs I can see that Aruba 2920 has 44 standard ports and 4 dual-personality ports 4 RJ-45 / 4 SFP.
In my understanding, Dual-personality port functioning with "one or other" mode (not sure about that).

My question is:
Can 2920 switches be configured, that it will use all 48 RJ-45 ports to be connected to 48 port patch panel and we use two SFP ports (if my understanding of dual-personality ports is wrong) (via HP X121 1G SFP RJ45 T Transceiver J8177C) for redundant connection to core switches?

Or my thinking for redundant connection is “out of date” and not applicable to modern world and I need to “switch my gears” to learn about new redundant technology?

Thank you all, for any information.


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Re: Help needed with Aruba 2920-48G-PoE+ configuration

Hi Vitali,

The 2920 is a great choice. I really like it's stacking capabilities. The Dual Personality ports can be used as either Gig-T with the RJ-45 port or the SFP port but not both at the same time. In fact, as soon as you insert an SFP into the port, it will disable the RJ-45 port. This is reinforced if you notice that the RJ-45 and its corresponding SFP port have the same port number. 

That said, you do have an option. The 2920's support 10Gig uplinks via an option module inserted into the back of the switch. 

The nice part of the stacking supports enables the use of fewer 10Gig uplinks. I would recommend two 10Gig uplink modules per stack of four switches. Put one 10Gig module in stack member 1 and the other in stack member 3. And because the 4 switches act as one logical switch, the 10Gig uplinks can be bound together into an LACP link aggregation give you both redundancy and more bandwidth.


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Re: Help needed with Aruba 2920-48G-PoE+ configuration

Thank you Eric for your information.

More clear now for me.