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How to read HP 5400R (and Similar) Release Notes

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How to read HP 5400R (and Similar) Release Notes

Can someone simplify the Release Notes of HP switch firmware for me? In regarding to the Release Notes for K.15.08.0011 for the J9850A. I was under the impression that a listed FIX was something that was actually fixed in that firmware release and then beyond. But in these release notes the each fix has a workaround. Does this mean it isn't exactly fixed or was that a workaround to preform if you are running a previous version of the software?

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Re: How to read HP 5400R (and Similar) Release Notes

For firmware I meant KB.15.08.0011 over just the K series. 

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Re: How to read HP 5400R (and Similar) Release Notes


As I understand it, the Release Notes' Fixes list means that the considered Switch OS version (as example the KB.15.18.0011) includes and resolves all the listed issues including all the issues previously found and fixed ("This section lists released builds that include fixes found in the 15.18 branch of the software. Software fixes are listed in reverse-chronological order, with the newest on the top of the list. Unless otherwise noted, each software version listed includes all fixes added in earlier versions.") and, when they're available [*], provides workarounds described for the benefit of anyone that doesn't want (or can't) to update the Switch OS immediately/ASAP but require a workaround.

[*] Consider that not all listed fixed issues have a specific workaround applicable by the Switch admin, in those cases the proposed Firmware upgrade is somewhat necessary/mandatory to solve those issues.

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