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Hpe Procurve 1800 Switch e HPE Procurve 2810

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Hpe Procurve 1800 Switch e HPE Procurve 2810


My name is Maria. My company would extend our network, so we need to buy new HpE switches, but we want to mantaing the compatibility  with older HPE Procurve (1800 and 2810) that actually working there.

The new switches must work in stack with older.

Should you explain me what is the best switch series to realize that?

We thinking Aruba series.... Can you confirm ?

Thank you


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Re: Hpe Procurve 1800 Switch e HPE Procurve 2810

Hello Maria, welcome aboard into HPE Community!

First question: what do you mean with the word Stack? Are you using Stack Management (a Commander switch that is just used to manage all other connected Slaves ones)? if so I suppose you're using this stacking management feature (up to 16 switches, specific models and series supported only) exactly on the HP ProCurve 2810 Switch series...since the HP ProCurve 1800 Switch series, AFAIK, just supports (now retired) HP ProCurve Manager and not Stack Management.

That's to understand what are your actual restrictions in product should also explain your actual Network Topology to better understand what are your real requirements (maybe instead of adding a Switch you will find that is more appropriate - if budget permits - to replace your Switches with new modular or fixed ports one(s)).

P.S. Consider also that HP ProCurve 2810 Switch series was declared EoS on December 2012...if you can provide the exact HP SKU (e.g. J9021A or J9022A) for all of your Switches we will be able to verify EoS status for all of them, included HP ProCurve 1800 Switch series (which roots back to 2006 or so)...that's important when you're planning network device additions/replacements.

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Re: Hpe Procurve 1800 Switch e HPE Procurve 2810

Thanks a lot for your specification!

Yes, I mean that we're using stacking managent, with a commander and three other switches as slaves. Hp procurve owned stack management.

However, It is better to consider a raplecement as you suggest to us, and not an adding. The Specificate Series, in our company, are now obsolate.

Thank you again

I'm happy to be aboard into HPE Comunity!