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IGMP Setup in Aruba 2530 Web Interface

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IGMP Setup in Aruba 2530 Web Interface

Hi, I design the AV systems in our institins and we are being asked about AVoIP so have started testing it. Before I have a full conversation with our network team I'm trying to understand what I need from them. I have an Aruba 2530 which is part of our standatd netwrok setup and I'm looking to setup a small test network. I have a little networking knowlege but...

Anyway, my question is queite simple at this stage. I can connect to my switch via Tera Term and the web interface. I can't see in the web interface were to setup the IGMP. Can it be done via the web interface or do most setup commands need done via the telnet console?




Re: IGMP Setup in Aruba 2530 Web Interface


Your suspicion is correct. ProCurve/ArubaOS is primarily designed to be configured via CLI - which to my knowledge is the case for most vendors' enterprise switches. The web interface is intended primarily for monitoring and very basic configuration purposes, and anything you cannot find on there will require the CLI.

Here is a CLI Reference that could be useful:

You can find further documentation by entering your model or part number here:

Select the model and click on Support Center. Generally speaking, IGMP is not difficult to configure.

Hope that helps...

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