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IGMP Setup in Aruba 2930F

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IGMP Setup in Aruba 2930F

I'm playing around with AVoIP before I let it loose on our network. I don’t mange it so I need to prove I won’t break it. I have it working on a Cisco switch where I have 5x 750mbs steams running to 5x separate displays. All good. I have a Cisco setup doc from the AVoIP manufacturer. However, our network is Aruba 2930 which they don't have a doc for. I've manged to get IGMP enabled and its streams the 5 devices but I have to reduce the streams to 200mbs otherwise they all drop out. The Aruba to its credit essentially just worked out of the box but it did try and find comparable Aruba commands to the Cisco ones. Some worked some not and I can't get the same confirmation that each port is setup. Now it may be that the mutlicast stream will just be too much at 750mbs so that’s fine. But if someone can confirm the like for like commands that would be great.

The Cisco commands are

  • ip igmp snooping
  • ip igmp snooping querier
  • ip igmp snooping querier version 2
  • ip igmp snooping vlan 1
  • ip igmp snooping vlan 1 immediate-leave
  • interface range gigabitEthernet 1/0/1-24
  • switchport mode access
  • switchport access vlan 1
  • no ip igmp snooping tcn flood

Thanks in advance


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Re: IGMP Setup in Aruba 2930F

Asort of Rosetta Stone document for (some) common commands having equivalent purposes is available here:

Don't exactly know if IGMP has equivalents (like for like) though...

Re: IGMP Setup in Aruba 2930F


I found some similar command for the CISCO command as below. Please check the below link Aruba multicast guide which have more command explanation.

vlan 1 ip igmp
ip igmp fastleave port-list
vlan vid ip igmp querier
ip igmp version 2

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