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IP helper packet is tagged / encapsulated.

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IP helper packet is tagged / encapsulated.


I'm having a issue with ip helpers. I have 4 2920's stacked. 

The packet that is sent from the switch stack is tagged/encapsulated VLAN -1 . This is causing a problem for me because the DHCP server (in this case a meraki MX100) is throwing out the packet because (according to meraki ) VLAN 1 is set a native and therefore it is expecting  un-tagged traffic for vlan 1 not tagged. 

Is there anyway to send the ip helper forwarded packet untagged? The uplink port to the MX has vlan 1 un-tagged.



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Re: IP helper packet is tagged / encapsulated.

If I understand correctly, you are saying your Meraki network interface is configured for VLAN1 as "untagged" (=native).

And your switch is sending VLAN1 tagged.

So you need to get on your switch and change the switch configuration for that interface to VLAN1 untagged instead of tagged.