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Issue with Procurve 3500yl - Very simple Vlan


Issue with Procurve 3500yl - Very simple Vlan

Hi Guys,

      I have been working at this problem for over a week now and its driving me a little crazy. I have read so much on vlanning that I feel I should be able to create one with my eyes closed but somehow I cannot get this to work. I know its something simple that Im missing, it has to be as the setup is not overly complex. Anyway here goes...


Im at a college and have just installed as the core switch a Procurve 3500yl 48port Layer 3 switch. Removed the old switch and plugged this one in and everything worked as normal, great. Now there are a number of other switches connected to this one in other buildings which we dont need to worry about as they will/are just using the default_vlan and working fine.


I have created a second vlan on ports 15-16 only as a start to test. See config below for IP's and such. The problem is vlan2 cant see internet or get a DHCP from the win srv 2003. I have called our support guys who say it should be working but its not.


The internet gateway (modem) is ip and srv is The modem is a CISCO 800 series IPWAN managed modem so I can not connect and make any changes to it as it has to be done via telstra management team with authorisation from our HQ which when calling HQ and Telstra they say no changes should be needed to the modem.


I have created a new DHCP scope in the srv and if I statically set an IP address on the client PC the server seems to know as it takes an IP away fro mthe address pool. To test im plugging a laptop directly in to port 15 on the procurve switch.


Here is the config, please help if yuou can and I willl provide more info at request. Many thanks.


Running configuration:

; J8693A Configuration Editor; Created on release #K.14.41

hostname "ProCurve Switch 3500yl-48G"
module 1 type J86yyA
module 2 type J86xxA
interface 40
   name "internetrouterport"
interface 43
   name "dhcpserverport"
ip default-gateway
ip routing
vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   untagged 1-14,17-48
   ip address
   no untagged 15-16
vlan 2
   name "vlan2"
   untagged 15-16
   ip helper-address
   ip address
snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
no autorun


Once again thank you.



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Re: Issue with Procurve 3500yl - Very simple Vlan



can you see if there is default route in routing table on 3500yl. I see the ip default-gateway command in the configuration but if ip routing is enabled you usually cannot use this command and have to add ip route Just look to show ip route command output.


Anyway, you add the second router to your network. So you have 3500 which do some routing and your Cisco router. So if you have route from 3500 to Cisco (this is the default route on 3500) you have to have the route back from Cisco to 3500. Vlan 1 is connected so this should be ok, but Vlan 2 not. So suppose that Cisco dont know the route to vlan 2 and you have to add it statically.


Other way is to disable routing on 3500, but in this case you have to span Vlans to Cisco (tagg ports for Vlan 2 on both sides) and let Cisco to route everything.


Re: Issue with Procurve 3500yl - Very simple Vlan

Hi Showneek, thanks for your reply. Yeah I thought that may be the case and I did have and ip route in there but took it out. I have put it back in there now but still is not working. On your advice on the Cisco router route back I have contacted telstra and it does look like there needs to be a route back in the cisco modem/router so that may be my problem, which is a pain because now I need to go through the drawn out process of having this configured by the IPWAN team at telstra. I will get the ball rolling with this and post back my results and let you know how it goes.