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J4858C 1000Base-SX recognized as LX?

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J4858C 1000Base-SX recognized as LX?


i bought two J4858C (1000Base-SX Mini Gbic) to connect my Ubiquiti Edgeswitch to my HP Procurve J4819A (5308xl, FW E.11.38).

They should be compatible with both switches but i'm unable to get a connection. While the Edgeswitch says everything is ok and it is "up", the 5308xl on the other side says it's a Type "1000LX" and link down. Shoudln't it be a type 1000SX?

I also tested it with an J9776A (2530 24, FW YA.16.03.0003). It also says it's a 1000LX, but here i get a link between Edgeswitch and HP 2530

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Re: J4858C 1000Base-SX recognized as LX?

That's interesting.

What are show tech transceivers and show interface gigabitethernet port transceiver detail (where port is the port number into which you install the SFP Transceiver) CLI command outputs once issued on J9776A equipped with that J4858C SFP Transceiver?

The fact that two very different Switches with different operating systems recognize *that* J4858C marked transceiver as a 1000LX Long Range (long wavelength of 1310 nm) - exactly like a J4859C - instead of the expected 1000SX Short Range (and short wavelength of 850 nm) wouldn't be a bug Switch-side...probably (question: is it HP/HPE genuine) *that* J4858C marked transceiver was EEPROM flashed by factory with wrong identification data - with respect to the Product Number it has - and this imply that Switches identify it through that wrong data.

Strange that the 1000SX installed on the Ubiquity EdgeSwitch is able to interoperate with a 1000LX (recognized, at least) installed on the Aruba 2530...different operating wavelenghts should make this 1000LX<-->1000SX link not possible at all...unless the flashed name appears as 1000LX but internally the electronic is correctly the one of a 1000SX.

Will be interesting to test those J4858C transceivers back-to-back (with a direct fiber optic patch) eliminating the fiber optic cables in between from the equation.

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Re: J4858C 1000Base-SX recognized as LX?

Hello parnassus,

here are the requested outputs

HP-2530-24G# show tech transceivers 
Cmd Info : show tech transceivers


Transceiver Technical Information: 
 Port # | Type      | Prod #     | Serial #         | Part #   
 28     | 1000LX    |     J4859C | ABLBGS0          | 1990-3657 
HP-2530-24G# show interfaces transceiver 28 detail

Transceiver in 28
   Interface Index    : 28  
   Type               : 1000LX          
   Model              : J4859C  
   Connector Type     : LC                              
   Wavelength         : 1310nm                          
   Transfer Distance  : 10.0km (9um),                                   
   Diagnostic Support : None  
   Serial Number      : ABLBGS0

It seems that these are in fact J4859 that are incorrectly labeld as J4858.

If these are J4858 just with a wrong EEPROM, should they even work?


"Strange that the 1000SX installed on the Ubiquity EdgeSwitch is able to interoperate with a 1000LX"

I did put one of these in the Edgeswitch as well. So it is J4859 to J4859 over a multimode fiber cable.

J4859 to J4859 between Edgeswitch and 5308xl doesn't work with either multimode or singlemode fiber.


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Re: J4858C 1000Base-SX recognized as LX?

What are fiber optic cable's lenghts respectively between your Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch and HP ProCurve 5308xl and between your Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch and Aruba 2530...supposing that Aruba 2530 and HP ProCurve 5308xl aren't co-located on the same site/rack (in other words: are you testing the J4859C/J4859C coupling - so at 1310 nm on Multi-Mode fiber - against the same optical link - so just by moving one J4859C transceiver between Switches found on one end - or are you testing two very differents fiber optic links?)?

Could be an issue related to 5308xl and its SFP port configuration (Full Duplex mode?), what's the difference (if any) between the SFP port on 5308xl and the 2530 if the J4859C transceiver under test is the same on both.

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Re: J4858C 1000Base-SX recognized as LX?

All switches are in range of my arms. also the fiber cables i use are not longer than 5m/16ft (SM 1m and 2m; MM 5m)

The 5308xl has two J4907A gigabit modules with two dual personality SFP ports. The 5308xl also sees the Gbis as LX gbics (1000LX, Full Duplex) but don't get a link to the Edgeswitch on any of those SFP ports.

I found some real J4859C and tested them against the "J4858C" -> no luck. Also the J4858C are marked black, while the real J4859C are makred blue. I guess thats strong evidence that those are in fact J4858C just with the wrong  EEPROM.

I also tested the real J4859C (J4859C to J4859C) between the EdgeSwitch and 5308xl. This should work but doesnt. I also have one J4859B wich definitely is  compatible with the 5308xl. So J4859B <-> J4859C should work, but doens't either.

I only got a link between my Edgeswitch and 2530 using J4859C to J4859C with singlemode or "J4858C" to "J4858C" with either single- or multimode fiber.

My goal was to connect the Edgeswitch to the 5308xl though...

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Re: J4858C 1000Base-SX recognized as LX?

OK, just curious: the fakes J4858C transceivers and the real J4859C ones once installed on HP 5308xl and Aruba 2530 do they work together (I mean: between HP and Aruba, excluding from the picture the Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch...)? that's just for discover if the issue is Ubiquity side or not.

What Ubiquiti forum says about SFP testing against other switches when you need to uplink to them via SFP? is there an interoperability list of SFP Transceivers to be followed?