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J9028B - ECB9500 - port isolation

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J9028B - ECB9500 - port isolation


I have a (default) J9028B with my cable modem(internet) connected to port 24.  There are several pc's on the other ports. ( all in the range 192.168.2.*****)

On port 12 a Engenius AP(with router function) is connected which serves the clients that  connect through wifi. DHCP gives the clients  a ipaddress of 192.168.1.*********

This setup works. 

I want ot isolate the clients that connect through wifi. 

That is i want all the connections on port 12 to go straigh to port 24 ( and thus the internet) and those clients should not be able to connect any device on the 168.2.* network. (office lan)


How do i set this up ?  Do i need a vlan2 with only port 12 and 24 ? 

Can someone give me instructions? 

Help appreciated !