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Re: Jumbo Frames on 1GbE iSCSI

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Jumbo Frames on 1GbE iSCSI

I have been doing some reserach on the Internet and there were mix responses.  some sources say tht enabling Jumbo Frames on 1GbE iSCSI are not required for good performance.  Some sources suggest that Jumbo Frames must be enable on either 100, 1GbE, 10GbE in order to gain performance.





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Re: Jumbo Frames on 1GbE iSCSI

Hi aali,

In recent years, i've also seen suggestions that jumbo frames are not required for good performance, but most vendor best practices guides still seem to recommend using them.

I've not seen any suggestions which lead me to believe that jumbo frames harm performance, so my default position would still be to enable them for all iSCSI VLANs.

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Re: Jumbo Frames on Gibe iSCSI

Agreed.  I've only seen gains and never negative impact.  Most best practices I've seen suggest enabling and if the vendor suggests it I would definitely recommend enable it.  Also, once you've gone down the road and implement an iSCSI solution without JF's it's much harder or more intrusive to add it later...