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Re: L3 ports link to route between HP 2910 all and Cisco 2850

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L3 ports link to route between HP 2910 all and Cisco 2850

I have two stacked switch cat 3850 act as my core network switch

ip routing between vlans is enabled and routing between them and to Internet is working fine

now I have another network on core hp switch 2910 al
Network address /24

What I need :
need to reach this network from my core cisco switch from any vlan and the same in HP need to reach all my core switch network using L3 routing port link between the two switches

What I configure in my Cisco core switches to implement that

#ip routing // enable routing is done and route vlans correctly

#ip route // add a static route to hp network using next hop (hp ports 23 -25 which should act as l3 ports with ip mask

#interface range give 1/0/1, giving 2/0/1 // ports in the two cisco switches which should connected to hp switch
#no switchport // l3 ports now
#switchport channel-protocol lacp
#switch group 1 mode active
#no shutdown
// link the two ports as an etherchannel coz I have two stacked switched
#interface po1
#no switchport// interface act as l3 #interface po1
#ip address // assign ip address for the interface
no shutdown

now I want to implement the same in hp switch and i'm not familiar to hp switches what the Configration will be on it
main points in hp Configration
1- create ether channel in ports 23 -24 which connected to cisco core ether channel
2- make this ports in the the etherchannel and the etherchannel act as l3 interface ( the no switch port command on cisco )

3- assign ip address mask 255.255 255.252 to this ether channel interface

4- no shutdown for this interface

5- enable ip routing in the switch ( ip routing command in Cisco switches )

6- add a static route in hp switch to reach cisco networks

( ip route x.x.x.x x.x x x 10.10 99.1)
(ip route z.z.z.z z.z.z.z

7- test that every thing is working fine

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Re: L3 ports link to route between HP 2910 all and Cisco 2850


the 2910 doesn't support L3-Interfaces, but you can achieve almost the same with a transport vlan

for example


ip routing

trunk 23,24 trk1 lacp

vlan 10

name transport

ip address

untag trk1


ip route



wr mem






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Re: L3 ports link to route between HP 2910 all and Cisco 2850

i have [hp 2910al-24g j9145a ] which i think is support l3 

if i do commends you typed below , i should change any thing in my cisco configration or not and this connection how it aceved if the ports in cisco is acting as l3 ports and the ports in hp is acting as l2 

or you need me to create SVI in my cisco switch with this ip and make the link is l2 link 


my cisco network have interface vlan 1 network [ /23] this is the deafault and we use it now for some reason

and the hp have deafault vlan 1 network using /24 also this is the deafault and we can do nothing to change it now

for thsi reason i search for l3 link beceause if i link this two network as l2 link so i have default vlan problems [i cann't give interface vlan in my cisco switch two ips]


if this make sense to you, please can you answer if there is another solution without problems.