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LACP DYN1 on VLAN different to 1

New Member

LACP DYN1 on VLAN different to 1

When I create a LACP dinamic with 4 ports of switch HP 5412zl2 , is created the interface Dyn1 that contains the 4 ports.  The interface Dyn1 is automatically assigned to VLAN 1.  How do I for change the interface Dyn1 to other VLAN?

Thanks in advance

Michael Patmon
Trusted Contributor

Re: LACP DYN1 on VLAN different to 1

Hello.  You can't.  You would need to use a dynamic tagging protocol like GVRP/MVRP to tag non-default VLANs to dynamic trunks.  You cannot statically assign dynamic trunk VLAN membership.  Other way would be to convert the dynamic trunk to static and they tag the VLANs manually.