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LACP Trunk over EthernetConnect

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LACP Trunk over EthernetConnect


at the moment we are in the planing of a new branch office.

We got two connections from the HQ to the BO.


EthernetConnect Deutsche Telekom - 1 Gbit


EthernetConnect Local Carrier - 1 Gbit

I want to make a LACP Trunk over booth connections. So that i can use 2 Gbit/s and a carrier and geo reundancy.

Have every one try this configuration?

Thank You!

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Re: LACP Trunk over EthernetConnect

Before asking such should verify IF involved Carriers, with what they are offering you, are concurrently fulfilling all well known (and essential) LACP ports aggregation a first reasonable question that need to be answered (and such answer will provide you a real Go/No-Go scenario) would be: Are both EthernetConnect offers providing you direct "point-to-point physical links (without any intermediate device along both paths)" or not?

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