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LAN best practice design guide

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LAN best practice design guide


I need a design guide for LAN best practices with reference HP switch models.

Could you someone please share the documents and links ?

We have following HP switches in my network

HP2920-48G-POE+ HP2530-48-POE+ HP2620-48-POE+ HP2530-24-POE+ HP2530-8-POE+ HP E2620-48-PoEP HP E2620-24-PoEP  Hp2530-24 HP2620-24-POE+ HP2530-48 Hp540Rz12 HP-2530-48



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Re: LAN best practice design guide

Anyone help me please

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Re: LAN best practice design guide


You are asking a very generic question...there is plenty of documents out there about how to setup a LAN environment...but, really, it boils down to your specific requirements other than being strictly related to networking gears you have.

One thing can be said for sure: all Switches listed one-row are ProVision (the ProVision name was rebranded into ArubaOS-Switch name) operating system based, that's because - if I recall well about all of them - they are (were) basically all HP ProVision ASIC based (from ProVision ASIC they take their ProCurve product line name, HP ProCurve was recently rebranded simply into Aurba, Aruba of HPE but the ASIC hardware under the hood is the same).

That's to say that you can start to looking for documents related to HP ProCurve (ProVision) or related to Aruba (ArubaOS-Switch) in order to figure out subjects like "securing your Switch" or "design a network topology"...and so on.

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Re: LAN best practice design guide

HPE (Aruba) network no any best pratice design guide for  any scenario to deploy ,so pls don't use the HPE (ARUBA) network product .maybe i can understand for your answer.