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LLDP-MED config from 5412zl to 1820

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LLDP-MED config from 5412zl to 1820

Hi folks,

We've got a HP 5412zl chassis which manages all our VLAN config.  We have a VLAN 15 set up for the VoIP network (Mitel IP phone system) which works fine from the 5412zl and other configurable switches we have connected to it (mostly Procurve 3500 series).

We recently picked up some HP 1820 switches and I'm struggling to get them to configure properly.  Obviously we can set the same VLAN ID and pass the traffic that way, but the IP phones aren't picking up the proper config when plugged in to these switches.

Here's a copy of the config from the 5412zl for VLAN 15, minus all the tagged/untagged ports:

vlan 15
   name "Voice"
   qos dscp 101110

Is there a way to get these details passed on to the 1820 switch, either via LLDP-MED or other means, to make the switches work?  I've had a look for how to configure LLDP-MED manually on the 5412zl but couldn't seem to find anything that worked.   LLDP is enabled and running, but there's no config data for that VLAN.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: LLDP-MED config from 5412zl to 1820

You don't need to use LLDP to pass anything between the switches, you need to configure LLDP on the 1820s to pass information to the Mitel phones.

In the 1820 GUI, from the Navigation pane, click LLDP, Configuration and make sure it is enabled on all ports.

Click LLDP-MED, Configuration and make sure it is enabled and advertising the correct TLVs.

I've never used 1820s so I'm not sure how you configure the TLVs to carry the correct "Voice" VLAN.

If you can't get it to work, put Option125 on the Data VLAN DHCP scope including the Voice VLAN ID so the phone will get onto the correct VLAN after a double bootup.


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Re: LLDP-MED config from 5412zl to 1820

Thanks for the reply Vince, it makes a little more sense now.

The config options on the web console are fairly limited.  Checking the LLDP Configuration page, everything is enabled and ready to go.  Looking at the LLDP-MED, the only TLV options there are Capabilities and Network Policy, both of which are enabled.  There's no further options there.

Your suggestion about Option125 on the Data VLAN DHCP was a winner though, thank you very much for that.   For anyone else trying to figure this out, I used this guide with this app to get the relevant details on the Data DHCP.  As Vince suggests, it'll do the initial search of the network, find Option 125 and use those settings to connect to the voice VLAN.