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LLDP-MED on 2510G and 4210-48

Tamás Csillag
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LLDP-MED on 2510G and 4210-48

Dear all,


We're trying to integrate our Cisco phones with HP E series switches, and we have the following issues:


2610 switches: everything works, phone finds the voice vlan with LLDP-MED.


2510G switch: I'm not able to configure LLDP-MED TLVs on the ports, and the phone does not receive voice vlan info. Is this switch MED capable at all?


4210 switch (old 3Com): It should support LLDP-MED, but somehow I never managed to config it properly, and the phone does not receive the voice vlan info. The config examples for Comware v5 do not work, as this is only a Comware v3 switch, and there is no "voice" option under the interface config level.


Any pointers would be much appreciated!





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Re: LLDP-MED on 2510G and 4210-48



Regarding 2510G LLDP-MED doesn't seems to be supported.

In the management and configuration guide there is only the "basictlvenable" options, but you need the "dot1tlvenable" options ...


There are many fixes regarding LLDP/CDP for 2510 product with code Q.11.26. But as fas as it concern 2510G the Y.11.16 do not contain these fixes.

You should contact HP support to explain us your situation maybe a new firmware is available but not Generally Available with these fixes but i don't think that LLDP-MED enhancements was made.