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LLDP compatible switches

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LLDP compatible switches

i have created a Visio Addins app to automate the creation of network diagram using LLDP and SNMP protocol. So far it can detect all HP procurve and aruba switches that we have.

i wonder, if all HP switches compatible with LLDP ? can you give me the model (series) that are not compatible.


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Re: LLDP compatible switches

Since - AFAIK - there isn't a Switch Selector able to filter out which Switches do support/don't support a particular Protocol Standard (like the IEEE 802.1ab = LLDP)...I think you will be forced to figure that out by manually reading each and every Switch's data sheet (to be 100% sure).

Limiting the research to some ArubaOS-Switch based Switches (formerly ProCurve with ProVision OS) I can say that LLDP is supported by:

  • 3500, 3500 yl, 5400 zl, 6200, 6600 and 8200 zl since K.11 release
  • 3810M since K.16.01 release
  • 3800 since KA.15.03 release
  • 5400R zl2 since KB.15.15 release
  • 2930F since WC.16.02.0003 release
  • 2920 since WB.15.11 release
  • 2620 since RA.15.05 release
  • 2530 since YA.15.10 (and YB.15.12) release

Other Comware 5.20/7.10 based Switches (OfficeConnect and FlexNetwork) support LLDP example, HPE OfficeConnect 1910, 1920 (both Comware 5.20 based) and 1950 (Comware 7.10 based).

Difficult a serious Switch doesn't offer support to IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP).