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Limit Aruba 2540 PoE Output

New Member

Limit Aruba 2540 PoE Output


We have quite a number of IP camera's connected to Aruba 2540 PoE+ switches that we're experiencing difficulties with. We've lost connection to quite a number of them and one had to be sent back to the manufacture for repair.

When looking at the PoE status on one of the switches I'm finding that working camera's are drawing 1.9W per port and all the ones that I can't connect to are drawing 3.5W each when the port is configured with the default PoE allocation of "Usage". From the camera's Data Sheet, they're "Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af/802.3at Type 1 Class 2 max 3.2 W".

When I change the power allocation to the ports connected to these cameras to "Class", the port status shows 0W being used and flipping between "Searching" and "Fault" for the detection status.

I'm suspecting that we experience power surges which is damaging the cameras and preventing them from telling the switch what device class they are, and so the switch doesn't know how much power to provide them.

My question is if the PoE allocation is set to "Value", or manully configured to a range of 1-3W would the switch not provide anymore power than that, or are those setting simply telling the switch how much power to allocate to those ports for power distribution purposes?