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Linking 3 Switches, HP Aruba 2920-48 POE, 2510-48 and 2848

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Linking 3 Switches, HP Aruba 2920-48 POE, 2510-48 and 2848

Hi guys

I just wanted to do a sanity check on whqat I am going to do. I am going to link the following 3 switches, HP Aruba 2920-48 POE, 2510-48 and 2848, by double fibre optic cables (through the miniGBIC slots) so double link from the 2920 to the 2510 and the a double link to the 2848.

My thinking was that I do this by creating dynamic trunk groups to make the optic cable one physical link between each switch.  So for example on the top switch it would have two ports in Dynamic 1 (lacp active) and the same on the switch below that. Would this be the best way of doing it? If not pleae could I have some suggestions


Miles K

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Re: Linking 3 Switches, HP Aruba 2920-48 POE, 2510-48 and 2848

Considering the Switch models you have, yes...that's the best way of interconnecting them together.

It's a matter of:

  • Keeping your Switch Software updated.
  • Using LAG Group (LAGG) with 2 SFP Transceivers (1 Gbps) - members ports - sets to use the IEEE 802.3ad LACP (dynamic).
  • Having all the necessary free SFP (mini-GBIC) slots on each Switch (So 2 SFPs should be used on Switch 1 and 3, 2+2=4 SFP should be used on Switch 2).
  • Having genuine and compatible HPE Fiber Optic SFP Transceivers for each Switch.
  • Defining necessary LAGGs (Link AGgregated Groups) on each Switch (only the first and the last Switch of your Daisy Chain requires just one LAGG to be defined, central Switch requires two LAGGs, one facing Switch 1 and the other facing Switch 3).
  • Avoinding Loops (so ensuring that Switch 1 LAG 1 <--> LAG 1 Switch 2 LAG 2 <--> LAG 1 Switch 3).
  • Configure each Switch Port Trunking as per its Configuration Manual (so follow the configuration steps by steps avoiding to immediately jump to the end ones by connecting fiber links well before having definded LAGGs and their members ports <- doing so you will create loops).
  • Define which other VLANs (if any) - other than the Default one - should the LAGs be tagged with to let VLANs traffic to flow between Switches.

Basically all falls under the "Port Trunking" Section you find on each Switch's Configuration Manual (so use them as references).

In reality you are going to aggregate two physical (SFP Optical) interfaces into one logical interface (the LAGG)...then you can manage that new logical interface and verify its status via usual ArubaOS / ProVision-legacy based commands.

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Re: Linking 3 Switches, HP Aruba 2920-48 POE, 2510-48 and 2848

Bit of a late reply...

Just to clarify what is the best way to set these links up? 

Something similar to the attached screenshot or would it be better to set up dynamic trunks?

Thanks Miles K

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 09.29.51.png