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Linking a HP ProCurve 2510G-48 and a HP ProCurve 2848 via Fibre Optic

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Linking a HP ProCurve 2510G-48 and a HP ProCurve 2848 via Fibre Optic

Hi guys I was wondering if you could help me out, we have 2 switches at work (as listed in the subject of this post) and I would like to connect them to each other via fibre optics. I have managed to patch one fibre optic across them but I would like to have two going between to increase bandwidth.

I was unsure of the best way to do this, should should it be don't through a LACP link eg link ports 45 and 46 with LACP and do the same on the other switch and patch them together. Or should it be done through trunking? I am not really sure what the best aproach is.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 


Miles K

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Re: Linking a HP ProCurve 2510G-48 and a HP ProCurve 2848 via Fibre Optic

LACP is (a) Protocol that can be used when you define a trunking between two Switches.

On each involved Switch, you will define a BAGG (Bridge Aggregation Group) adding your two or more member ports (in this case your Optical ones) as its members, then you will define that your BAGG will use Dynamic Trunking protocol (which is Link Aggregation Control Protocol LACP IEEE802.3ad) in contrast to Static Trunking (which has no protocol) - LACP is the suggested setting - and then you finally will connect both optical ports (through miniGBIC slots I suppose) on both Switches using optical cables (do that as last step to avoid creating loops before you define BAGG+LACP on both Switches).

Read the manuals of both Switches to see how to define a BAGG, set LACP and what are requirements/restrictions for each physical ports involved. That's quite simple and there is a lot of good documentation on that.

You will end with a logical "trunk" between two Switches made of two (or more) aggregated physical links: this trunk (or aggregated uplink) will be governed by LACP if you selected that that BAGG will use a Dynamic protocol.

Port Trunking for the HP 2800 Switch Series (Chapter 12 only). Full documentation here.

Port Trunking for the HP 2510G Switch Series (Chapter 11, Management and Configuration Guide).

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