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Loop protection not working when STP enabled

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Loop protection not working when STP enabled

Hi, I'm trying to get loop-protection working on our HP ProCurve switches but it doesn't seem to work when STP is enabled.

**Loop Protect Configuration**
loop-protect 1-48 disable-timeout 60

**STP Configuration**

The above config works fine if I remove the "spanning-tree" entry from the config. I can then see the affected port being disabled when a loop is created.

Can anyone advise reason for this and the resolution please? I'd like to leave STP enabled if possible.

Many thanks,


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Re: Loop protection not working when STP enabled

Spanning tree uses BPDUs to detect a loop and shut down one of the affected ports.

Loop protection is actually a completely different thing: it is used on interfaces that connect to unmanaged devices so that if a loop is created on the upstream device that does not support spanning tree, the downstream device with loop protection enabled can detect the issue and disable the link to the affected device.