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MGMT VLAN /Assymetry Routing questions

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MGMT VLAN /Assymetry Routing questions


it's my first post here, english is not my native language and my knowledge in network is average so please bear with me.

To best resume my issue, i ll paste a link of a post i found about similar issue wich was fixed by using VRF which is not possible with the aruba switch i am using. 

I have managment network 10.14.0.x, with my servers on, and layer3 core switch (2930F)  with routing on.

There is a transit VLAN between my firewall and my core switch. and management interface of my firewall is connected to an untagged management VLAN port of the core switch.

i would like to be able when i connect from VPN to my firewall, to access to managment vlan and other vlans.

the problem is that it creates and assymetry, the core switch default route being the firewall transit interface.

What would be the best practice to do such thing?

I gues i could just remove the management link btween firewall and core, and route everything through the transit VLAN, but isnt it bettr to have dedicated management interface?


Thanks in advance.