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MIGRATION: HPe Aruba 5412zl2 to 5406zl2

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MIGRATION: HPe Aruba 5412zl2 to 5406zl2

Hi, I'm planning to migrate from a HPe Aruba 5412zl2 to 5406zl2 chassis and use nearly all the modules. I'm doing this to save space in our rack and I'm wondering if I simply have to swap everything out and that the configuration will be recognized? I'll also be removing 2 of the modules since they no longer serve but it will change the order of the modules. I'm not sure if it's a smart enough system to know this and rearrange the port configuration accordingly?

MM1                   MM2
A-10GbE             B-10GbE
C-10GbE             D-10GbE
E-24xGbit           F-24xGbit
G-10GbE-SFP+        H-10GbE-SFP+      

MM1                   MM2
A-10GbE             B-10GbE
C-24xGbit           D-24xGbit
E-10GbE-SFP+        F-10GbE-SFP+
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Re: MIGRATION: HPe Aruba 5412zl2 to 5406zl2

Just a guess...if the considered Switch is so smart to understand to adapt/convert a configuration valid for a Chassis (12 Slots) to be valid for another type of Chassis (6 Slots) considering there will also be a Modules replacement...well...if so...without any manual it an AI not a Switch.

Seriously...I doubt you can upload the Aruba 5400R zl2 12 Slots' configuration file into the new Aruba 5400R zl2 6 Slots system and expect that it automagically adapts the provided configuration considering what it recognizes, speaking just in terms of Hardware the system is installed with, at first boot (e.g. adapting/rearranging what was Modules placement on chassis slots, with regard to Module order and Module type)...not considering configuration settings related to phsical/virtual ports belonging to Modules definitely removed or simply just moved on another Slot (defaulting Modules recongnized for the first time at first boot, if configuration file says nothing different by default for those ones, looks indeed reasonable).

I could be wrong...but I think the automagic is far from possible without re-configuration made by least until every and each Module retains its configuration locally (and not at Chassis level)...which, I think, it doesn't happen.

I'm not an HPE Employee
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