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MSM710 and ap's on different subnets

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MSM710 and ap's on different subnets

Hi. I have a school located over 2 sites on different subnets. each site has a MSM710 controller, and one siteA has 10 MSM310 ap's, and the other siteB 4 MSM310's. I would like to add another MSM310 to the larger site, but cannot as it is at max capacity. The question, can I add another MSM310 at siteA, but manage it from the MSM710 at site B? 

Richard Litchfield
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Re: MSM710 and ap's on different subnets

Not usefully.

That kit is quite old now, you should think about swapping to the Aruba APs. The Instant range is probably ideal for the sort of size you have. And they are fully supported with the ProCurve switches (rebranded as ArubaOS-Switch)!