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MUlticast is not working for guest users

New Member

MUlticast is not working for guest users

Hi all ,

I need your help regarding a multicast issue ,i have the below setup

an aruba controller with vlan1 for office and vlan30 for guest connected to a procurve  core 5412 zl switch which is connected to a procurve switch that`s connected to multicast Airtame devices :

aruba controller >> procurve core switch >>procurve access switch >>airtame device 

the airtime device are on vlan 1 however to make users connect to that device and stream ,we created an igmp proxy on the core switch to route multicast traffic  :

igmp-proxy-domain "airtame"

ip multicast-routing

vlan 1
no untagged A1-A10,A18,A20,A23,B22-B23
ip address
ip igmp
igmp-proxy "airtame"

vlan 30
name "guest"
tagged A19,C21,D24,H7,L18,L24
ip address
ip igmp
igmp-proxy "airtame"
 the thing is when i connect to the office wifi (same subnet as the Airtame device) i`m able to connect and stream but when i connect to the guest wifi ,i`m able to disover the device but not able to connect to it >

any suggestion what could be the problem or what do i need to check ?thank you in advance