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Managed vs. Unmanaged switches

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Managed vs. Unmanaged switches

I am interested in the differences between a Procurve unmanaged and Procurve managed switches. What are the advantages of each? I need to replace 4 hubs with switches and am trying to decide which way to go. Can anyone please help make it easier?

Thanks, Pam

Re: Managed vs. Unmanaged switches


AFAIK the difference is just that the "managed" one include so-called SNMP-agents, which are needed, if you have a NOC (Network Operating Center) to centrally monitor and administer those switches.
Ask your network-admins wether they use an SNMP-manager, like .e.g. HP OpenView Network Node Manager. If they say "yes" you'll need the "managed" ones.

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Re: Managed vs. Unmanaged switches

... erm.

If you have a managed switch, you can set port speed and other settings, trunk ports together, create VLANs etc, extract different kind of logs which tell you what's happening inside the switch etc etc etc...

Unmanaged switches cannot do this.