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Management traffic on 3800 Mesh

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Management traffic on 3800 Mesh

I have 3 3800 series switches that are in a mesh.  HP has verified the configration and there is nothing wrong. I have 1 local and 2 "remote" switches that are on the other side of a 178mb wireless network.   The problem I have is that all the regular network traffic is going across fine but any kind of management traffic to either of the remote switches produces about a 10-20% packet loss causing issues when I am trying to configure or troubleshoot network issues.   I call HP about every 6 months to see if something has been resolve and after several hours of troubleshooting they always come back with.... have you upgraded the firmware?   Because these are mountain top sites in Alaska it is not that easy.  I read through most all of the updates and not one of them refers to the problems I am having.  Does anyone have any ideas about what might be going on?   

Additionally.   I have the switches connected in a mesh/edge ( I believe) configuration.   I have other switches trunked to the remote switches in the mesh as client end points.  I can go up and around the wireless network to each of those edge switches and manage them without any packet loss.  



Michael Patmon
Trusted Contributor

Re: Management traffic on 3800 Mesh

Hello.  There shouldn't be anything specific to switch meshing that would affect management through the mesh.  If the mesh itself was unstable your client traffic would be affected as well.  Once a path to the destination MAC address has been established it should not change.  You could verify that by doing a "show mesh traceroute mac-address <other-mesh-switch-mac-address> vlan <vlan>" and run that repeatedly while you're seeing loss.  If you see the path change or the address become unknown then meshing will drop packets to that MAC while it figures out the path to it.

How are you determing the 10-20% packet loss?  Ping? 

If you want to attach the output of "show tech mesh" I can see if anything jumps out.