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Mirror Port on Procurve 2510G Only Sees One VLAN

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Mirror Port on Procurve 2510G Only Sees One VLAN

Hi All,

I did a cursory search for my issue but did not find anything specific to the 2510G, maybe it is too old? Anyway, I have port mirroring set up to monitor all other ports on the switch. There are 3 VLANs on the switch as well, but the mirror port is only showing vlan-1. Ihave it configured like this:

mirror-port 8

vlan-1  untagged 8-9, 11-48

vlan-2 untagged 5-7

vlan-3 untagged 1-4, 10

interface 1-7, 9-48 monitor

I thought that maybe I could only see vlan-1 because the port is untagged in it, so I tagged it in the other VLANs without success. I have not found a way to remove the port from vlan-1 without adding it to another one. Is the switch only capable of mirroring one VLAN even with all ports being monitored? I feel like there is something very simple that I am missing but I cannot seem to pinpoint it. Any help is appreciated!