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Mode trunk port switch aruba 2920

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Mode trunk port switch aruba 2920

How to put in trunk mode three ports of the aruba 2920 switch ?? To send information from several vlan to an IAP aruba 215 ??? How to put an ip-helper to connect to an external server ??? I have a dhcp server, it connects to a hp aruba 2920 switch and I have two aruba 215 IAPS connected to the switch. I have vlan 1 where are the IAPS, vlan 2 where is the dhcp server and a vlan 6 where mobile devices are connected. Now I need to trunk the switch ports to send the vlans information to the IAPS so that my DHCP server delivers an IP to the devices that are connected through the IAPS. I found out that, it takes trunk mode switch ports and have an ip-helper to address me to the dhcp server, but I have not programmed a hp aruba 2920 switch, can anyone help me with this ??
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Re: Mode trunk port switch aruba 2920

Apart from reading the HPE Aruba 2920 Switch Series' guides about how to manage VLANs and terms used, have you already read this Support Information article which explain what are differences between three port link-types (access, trunk and hybrid) and they relationship with VLAN tagging when VLANs tagging is deployed on A-Series (HPE Comware operating system based) versus E-Series (HP ProVision now HPE Aruba ArubaOS-Switch operating system based)?

Since you have an Aruba 2920 the access, trunk and hybrid port link-type distinction doesn't exist really (on Comware it exists)...and it's a matter of configuring PVID/untagged/tagged VLAN on each uplinked port to each IAP you're deploying: there are threads about that also on portal.

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