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Multicast not working on a HP 2650 (J4899A)

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Multicast not working on a HP 2650 (J4899A)

I have a user that is starting up a multicast service on their machine.  It sends the traffic out to the network at which shes also starts up an application to recieve the multicast traffic and display it on her machine.  For some reason it's not working.  I put a little 8 port switch (like you'd buy off the shelf at Walmart) between her machine and the HP Procurve.  It worked with that little switch attached, but if I plug her machine straight back into the HP Procurve switch, it fails everytime. 


I've turned "IP IGMP" on the VLAN as shown below.  The user in on port 43. 


vlan 15
   name "DEV_NET"
   untagged 43
   no ip address
   tagged 49-50
   ip igmp


Any suggestions on what to look at?  My switch is running version H.10.113.

Michael Patmon
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Re: Multicast not working on a HP 2650 (J4899A)

Hello.  With IGMP enabled the receiver will have to send an IGMP join for the multicast group it wishes to receive.  Until the switch receives a join it will not forward the multicast packets.


"show ip igmp" and "show ip igmp group <mcast-addr>" and and check that switch sees the multicast group and join on the receiver port.  I don't have a 2600 handy so those commands may differ slightly. 





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Re: Multicast not working on a HP 2650 (J4899A)

Have you tried enabling ip multicast-routing at a global context level?