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Multiple VLANs on a Mirror port

David Kramkowski
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Multiple VLANs on a Mirror port

I did some looking around and didn't find anythign that seemed to answer my question.


On a 5406zl switch (And most likely other Procurve switches). is there some way that I'm missing that would allow me to set up a mirror port to mirror traffic on multiple or all VLANs on a switch to a mirror port? As far as I can see, the only option is to mirror a single VLAN to the mirror port. As far as I can tell, on Cisco switches, a SPAN port can be configured to mirror multiple VLANs.


Is there something in the GUI that I"m missing, or maybe something in the CLI, that would allow more than one VLAN to be sent to the mirror port?

Michael Patmon
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Re: Multiple VLANs on a Mirror port

Hello.  Short answer is I don't think so.  I'll have to check whether that's a hardware limitation or just a CLI oversight. 


Crudely, you could monitor all ports in those VLANs to a single mirror session.


You could also use classifiers and "match any" on all the VLANs you want to monitor. Something like:

mirror 1 port a1

# configure traffic class - what to match on

class ipv4 "all-traffic"
     10 match ip

# configure policy - what to do with packets that match

policy mirror "mirror-any"
     10 class ipv4 "all-traffic" action mirror 1

# then apply it to the VLANs you want to mirror

vlan 1001 service-policy mirror-any in
vlan 1002 service-policy mirror-any in
vlan 1003 service-policy mirror-any in


This essentially gives you the multiple VLAN monitoring to the same mirror session. 

8200(config)# show mon 1
Network Monitoring

   Session: 1    Session Name:
      Mirror Destination:  A1    (Port)

      Monitoring Sources  Direction Truncation Mirror Policy
      ------------------  --------- ---------- -------------
      VLAN: 1001          In         No         mirror-any
      VLAN: 1002          In         No         mirror-any
      VLAN: 1003          In         No         mirror-any



You could also fine tune the match for more granular matching.


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Re: Multiple VLANs on a Mirror port

Hi ; 

which VLAN should be included to Port a1 ? (untag or tag )