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NIC Teaming on Server - What config on procurve Switch

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NIC Teaming on Server - What config on procurve Switch


i have an IBM Server connected with 2 LAN Interfaces to our 5406Rzl2 Switch.

The interfaces on the IBM Server are configured as NIC Teaming via Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver.

What configuration do i have to set on the switch?




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Re: NIC Teaming on Server - What config on procurve Switch


Supposing at OS level (Microsoft Windows?) you've configured two NIC ports - let me say, as example, 2 x 1Gbps or 2 x 10Gbps - to form a bonded interface with IEEE 802.3ad (LACP).

If so, on Aruba 5406R zl2 switch side, you simply need to form a Port Trunking (ports aggregation) called Trkx (where x should be a free unused id, as example, use 1 or 10 or 100 or whatever is free on your configuration) with two physical interfaces as member ports and set that Trkx to use LACP...this part is quite simple because you can configure it with just one command:

Aruba-5406R-zl2(config)# trunk ethernet A1,B1 trk10 lacp

The command above will create the logical interface Port Trunk named Trk10 with A1 and B1 as member physical interfaces and set the Port Trunk to use lacp as aggregation control protocol (LACP IEEE 802.3ad will use default Layer 3 src-dst IP Addresses for calculating required hashing for operating load balancing on egress traffic). 

The Trk10 interface will be untagged in VLAN 1 (that's default), if you require untagging/tagging on other VLANs you have to untag/tag that interface using commands such:

interface ethernet Trk10 tagged vlan n,m,z (where n, m and z are VLAN Ids you want the interface Trk10 to become tagged member of)

interface ethernet Trk10 untagged vlan k (where k is the VLAN Id - just one, no more than one - you want the interface Trk10 to become untagged member of)

Hope this will help.

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