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Re: Need advice on suggesting switches

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Need advice on suggesting switches

Hai all,

can any one explain how should we suggest a switch for a customer ?

Like,how the bandwidth calculations is being done ? 

what is switching capacity ? and how we should relate customer's application with this switching capacity .

Thanks in advance. 


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Re: Need advice on suggesting switches

Hi Mate, 

Have you tried 'HPE Switch selector' ? That might help you a bit

Kind Regards

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Re: Need advice on suggesting switches

...also, more than application (networking) requirements (port speed, number of ports, ports LAG, port's packet buffering), it's also important to know which role the switch you're going to suggest it is going to have...Data Center or Campus Core/Aggregation...once its role is clarified a lot of features (and so forwarding performance, oversubscription rate - if any - and typical backplane switching capacity) are thus defined and you can focus on less Switch Series with respect to ones available on whole HPE/Aruba networking portfolio.

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