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Network Degraded when using multicast

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Network Degraded when using multicast

Hello All,
I have an issue with network that built with following layout , 3 stack Aruba 2920-48 x2 , both stack are connected to Huawei S6720-54C-EI-48S with 3x lacp sfp+ from each stack member, diagram shown below.
All switch are configured with multicast for one vlan version 3 ip  lookup mode based as shown below
The issue is when I create multicast group (using vlc for testing)sending stream on Huawei port #9 (
Then, I create a subscriber to receive this stream on Huawei port #7.
For a while everything goes fine but after a while network performance starts to degrade.
and i can see on our monitoring lots of discards packets during the multicast tests , any idea  what could cause this degradation on the network , why the hp interfaces get so many discards seems like broadcast storm?



discardsdiscardsmulticast trafficmulticast traffic

igmp settingigmp setting


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