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New 2530 GUI missing PoE Port Names

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New 2530 GUI missing PoE Port Names


For all 2530 switches (j9779a in my case) the new Web GUI no longer displays the "Custom Name" next to the port number under the PoE interface view. This makes identification of PoE ports by name very difficult.

The old HP web interface displayed custom names correctly in the PoE Interface view. The new web vGUI is a major step backwards.

The fix is very simple and won't upset anyone. Add the "Custom Name" field to the existing list of users selectable columns in the "PoE Interfaces" display view.

Job done.

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Re: New 2530 GUI missing PoE Port Names

What exact software version is your Aruba 2530 running on?

Using latest 16.09.0001 on a non-PoE Aruba 2530 the New-Gen UI shows port's custom name on the Interfaces -> Ports (or  via Dashboard -> Ports)...don't know if PoE models, having a specific PoE related dashboard sub-page, behave differently with that regard.